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Southwest Painter

Artist Statement: I love to paint a variety of subjects: Native American themes; Wildlife; Western themes with children and Santa; Desert flowers with Hummingbirds; Lions; Tigers; and Bears...Oh My! I find there is beauty in everything and everyone. All of the people and animals in my art are real and my wild imagination sees stories everywhere. That used to get me in a lot of trouble in school and my Mom saved all the notes from my teachers saying “Kathy is a daydreamer”. Thank Goodness I finally found work where daydreaming paid off!

My paintings on Clay Board or Scratch Board are a combination of rich color and graphic precision. I brush watercolor paints on white Clay Board, cut fine line details into the clay surface with an X-acto knife and then glaze color onto the board with oil paints. The results are the clarity of Watercolor the detail of Clay Board and the lustrous finish of an oil painting. The work is so detailed that it often required the use of a magnifying glass for its creation. When asked how long the artwork takes to make, I say, “It takes weeks and weeks, months and months, but not years and years.”

Kathy Morrow: About Me
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